Green Choice Partners

We exist to shine a light on and promote green businesses. On ‘Our Partners’ page, you will find many businesses offering green products and services.

In addition we have a number of service businesses (personal care, e-commerce, etc.) that have agreed to operate their business within a green ethic. We hope that you find the environmentally friendly goods and services that you are looking for. If not, let us know and we will seek them out for you!

Remember every time you make a purchase you can make a Green Choice!

Modern Lighting Concepts

MLC-bus card - orange.indd

Modern Lighting Concepts is the web’s finest retailer of high-end energy efficient LED lighting products from manufacturers like Nora Lighting, Neoz, Bruck, Eureka, and others. For when you need something that is not only eco-friendly and energy efficient but also a bit more elegant than big-box retailers can offer, try the selection at MLC.

Modern Lighting Concepts offers ‘to the trade’ and volume discounts for contractors ordering in high volume.

Modern Lighting Concepts donates a portion of it’s profits to The Lumina Project,  a non-profit organization committed to providing low-carbon lighting alternative to the developing world.